Is it a sex robot? Or a Companion?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced as well as robotics.  Humanoids or androids are becoming more realistic as they use human skin like rubber.  Combine this with realistic looking eyes, make up, and codes, you will get a robot that


Dynasty Warriors 9 Review: The Weakest In The Three Kingdoms

I Can’t say that I’m a Dynasty Warriors super fan, but I’ve enjoyed playing the game in the past. The gameplay was simple button mashing hack and slash fun. It made you feel like a warrior god, wrecking havoc on


Hashing and message digest basics

Hashing is different from encryption because hashing is designed to act as one way function.  An algorithm that is easy to perform but difficult (almost impossible) to reverse.  A hash is a string of number generated from a string of


Food in Chinatown- Incheon, South Korea

Incheon is recognized as the greatest port city in South Korea with gourmet seafood.  Within the city, there is a large Chinatown located in the central district.  This is where you’ll find the most authentic Chinese food in South Korea.