Achievement needs

There are multiple methods that companies can utilize to strengthen the achievement needs of its management team.  High achievers can be given challenging projects with reasonable goals, be provided frequent feedback, given a reward system for its achievement, and be provided with accountability and responsibility.

First step you must take is to examine the team members for the types of motivators.  Each member’s personalities and past actions will reveal what type of motivators they have, so you may know what to work on.  For example, member who doesn’t speak out much and always agrees with the group may have strong need for affiliation.

Next, you must structure your leadership style based on the driving motivators of each members.  Ensure everyone stay engaged, motivated, and satisfied with the current project.  True leaders will increase productivity by making proper decisions, provide all the tools, increase teamwork by acting as a communication network between members, and maintain the labor force on timely basis.

Third, you will utilize the methods that we talked about on the first paragraph, such as giving challenging projects with reasonable goals, providing feedback, and giving rewards in conjunction with your leadership style.  Some people are motivated by power, so giving them a management position will keep them on track, while others are motivated by awards, so offering them a bonus or a possible promotion will do well.

Lastly, provide proper feedback after the tasks are complete.  Tell them what they did right and wrong as well as what they can improve on.  This will keep them motivated as well as ready for the next projects/tasks.

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