Meals you can get in Japan for 400-1000 yen ($4.00 – $10.00)

We all want to visit Japan at least once in our lives, may it be for anime, cars, or technology.  But for many, we need to budget properly, so we don’t overspend.  Japan is not cheap, so it’ll be for the best if you budget properly.

At first, I thought I needed about $60 dollars a day for my meals.  Luckily, Japanese restaurants offer some of the cheapest food.  You would think it’d be expensive, but as long as you don’t try anything too fancy, $10 dollars should suffice in a typical Japanese restaurant.  Here are some of the meals that I ate in Japan that I thought was a steal for its price.

Sushi in Osaka as shown above left was only 850 yen and it comes with green tea and miso soup.  In the above right is takoyaki from a takoyaki stand in osaka castle for 400 yen.  Not only is takoyaki delicious, but they let you choose your fillings (octopus is the standard).

Mapo tofu shown on top left was only 700 yen in J-WORLD TOKYO.  This was one of the most tastiest dish I’ve had there.  On the top right is a meal from Denny’s restaurant.  Yes, it’s denny’s.  Meals there are completely different than what you’d expect from a regular denny’s in the USA.

beef and rice for 800 yen on top left.  This meal set is something you’ll see at numerous restaurants.  Fried blow fish on top right for 600 yen in shibuya, Japan.

Shibuya Japan- Kobe beef on top left for 1000 yen.  Yes, only 1000 yen for kobe beef.  They had a sale, so it was pretty much a one time deal.  It came with vegetables as well.  The ramen and beef bowl on the right was 900 yen.  This was actually on the higher end.  Most ramens aren’t even this expensive.

Sushi meal and gyoza for 1000 yen and beef bowl on the right for 850 yen in harajuku, Japan.

Sushi meal for 1000 yen on left and Japanese breakfast meal for 950 yen on right.  The sushi meal on the left is something you’d normally pay 20-30 dollars for in the USA.

Japanese styled breakfast on left for 950 yen and junk food (it’s considered junk food in japan) from 7/11 for 500 yen.  24 hour stores in japan offer numerous food for real cheap price, so if you are saving money for something else, that’s the place to go to.

We all know that Japanese people have a healthy diet, since most of the population have slim figures.  Japanese restaurants offer fresh vegetables and off the boat sea ingredients.  Also, most Japanese restaurants like to cook everything from scratch with fresh ingredients, so you’ll get some real good food there for real cheap.  Also, unlike USA, most meals are made from scratch and the meal portion isn’t super sized.

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