Hell’s Church and its story

If you live around Canton, GA, you may have heard about a place called hell’s church.  It is the name of a church held in high regard by horror enthusiasts on the internet.  Today, our crew went to investigate the so called ” Number one haunted church in the state of Georgia”.

The church is actually named “New Hightower Baptist Church”.  First thing you will need to do is get on Johnson trail, located in Canton, GA.  Then you take a long winding mountain road for a mile until you find a church that is located deep within a forest.  The road ends right between the graveyard and the church itself, so there shouldn’t be any issue confirming that’s the place.  The church ground consists of the graveyard, baptism pool, eerie forest, and the church itself.

There are various rumors online, that stretches from numerous Satanic rituals that have taken place at the church and the discovery of a body of a young boy that was supposedly found in the 1980’s somewhere on the church grounds as a result of a cult killing.  However, after hours of research, we couldn’t find any real evidence of any of these incidents.

There are numerous haunted claims for hell’s church, such as hearing music, which is believed to be organ music being played within the church.  Some even claimed they saw figures and lights moving around on the church ground, when no one is supposed to be there.  There are known to be “negative presence” within the property which many believe it centers around a “hanging tree” that sits along the edge of the graveyard.  The hanging tree is a site where people were hung previously.

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