What’s Inside the haunted bridge?

There have been numerous reports that ghosts have been appearing and disappearing at “The Haunted Bridge”, located in Marietta, GA.  Some claim its just homeless people who are taking temporary shelter inside the bridge while others say it’s haunted spirit who have died there.

The bridge is located within a small neighborhood and there wasn’t that many people around, so we decided to not only travel to the location, but go inside this bridge to see if it really was haunted as people claimed.

If you inspect the bottom of the bridge, you will find an entrance that have already been left half opened and a wrench right below it.  You would need to climb up the entrance after you unscrew the bolt, but it shouldn’t be an issue, even for a little kid.

When you first enter inside the bridge, you will come across a small hole that’s just big enough to fit an adult male.  This hole will continue endlessly until you come to a room filled with party supplies and empty beer cans.

After inspecting the place, we have concluded that this is just a hangout place for kids, who can’t party at their own house.  There are no traces of homeless people living here nor are there any sighting of ghosts.  We wouldn’t personally recommend going to this place as it’s dangerous and one can really hurt themselves.

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