Abandoned nursing home in Aberdeen, NC

First and foremost, this place is restricted and shouldn’t be entered without a guide and approval.  This place is very dangerous due to its old rotten structure and dangerous objects. The place is literally made up of molds with rusted nails holding up a broken pile of woods.

This nursing home has been vacant for a very long time and there aren’t any keep out signs nor warning signs, but there are a lot of police around the area, so make sure you get approval and someone who can lead the way.  One of our contact happened to know this place very well and took the lead to show our crew around the place.

There’s a story about a chair inside the building that will move from a room out into the hall way upon entering, but We haven’t seen any chair at the site.  Locals say that they can hear grunts and moaning of older people during night time, but we personally haven’t heard anything.  However, we did see a room filled with needles that had dried up blood in them.

The story about the needles goes like this, “One room was used to give haircuts to the patients that couldn’t leave the place.  One day a hairdresser was giving a haircut to a pregnant lady.  Because the hairdresser was jealous of the pregnant lady, unable to be pregnant herself, decided to shove down needles down her throat  After making her swallow the needles, the lady passed away and now haunts the area with her unborn baby.”  The story claim that the ghost will shove the needles down your mouth if you are a pregnant lady.

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