Castle Mont Rouge and its story

This place is more of a house than a castle in size, however, the place has a beautiful exterior that exhibits creator’s zeal.  This castle is located on a small mountain top within a neighborhood that exists in the bumpy end of a mountain road in North Carolina.

The appearance certainly did catch our attention, but it was the story about the creator that sparked our interest.  According to the internet, Robert Mihaly (still alive) created this 1700 ft castle for his beloved wife, until she passed away.  However, a local artist we interviewed in the area informed us that she divorced him, and the wife did not die.

Either way, Rober Mihaly have left this place unfinished due to a heart wound. Ever since its abandonment, what was once a beautiful castle, became a drawing board for graffiti artists.

After visiting the place and talking to the locals, we’ve concluded that he did get a divorce, forcing him to lose many of his assets.  There is a history of kick starter page that Mihaly posted from 2014 spring.  The artist tried to use Kick starter to raise enough money to renovate the castle back then, but regretfully, he failed.

If you visit this place, we suggest you to stay away from entering inside. The wooden floors are rotting and unstable. There are also broken glass and rusted nails that are left by the sculptor that are considered safe hazards.


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