The screaming bridge, NC

Screaming bridge in North Carolina.  We can’t claim it’s haunted, but we did see some disturbing images.

The time was around midnight when we visited.  Since it was too dark due to no lights around, we had to use the flashlight to inspect the place.  Upon inspection we came across a carcass of a deer right under the bridge.  The smell was awful and the body of the deer was half gone.  All in all, we didn’t witness any paranormal activity nor did we see anything unusual besides the deer.

The famous horror story of the bridge goes like this.  A young girl who belonged to the Yarrell family drowned in the Sweet Water Creek under the original Screaming Bridge (the original bridge was wooden and not concrete. Recently, they have renovated the bridge due to decomposition). Her apparition has been seen a number of times and people have reported hearing the girls screams since the 1800’s.

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