Abandoned power plant on Belle Isle

Belle Isle may be a small island in the city of Richmond, Virginia, but it’s over-filled with history.  The place is beautiful to walk or bike in (there’s a bike trail) and offers alluring landscape.  Most abandoned places are off limits and have no enter sign, but the places here are open for the general public.  Just remember, that you are not allowed to climb on top of or go inside of an abandoned buildings at all times, due to safety hazards.

The Virginia Electric Power Company built the hydroelectric power plant on 1904 to fuel local operations, but they had to permanently decommission it in 1963 abandoning the place.  If you visit the place today, you can see a lot of graffiti that was left by previous visitors.  The structure seems to be in bad shape and the stairs to the upper floors are either blocked or broken.

There are urban legends such as the dragging girl and serial killer.  The story about the girl is in the video and the serial killer apparently slept at the site and murdered couple of people on the ground.

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