Annie Lytle elementary school

The haunted school has been recommended to us by haunted enthusiast on the internet, so we decided to visit the place.  We’ve included numerous urban legends and local stories in the video, but most you guys should already know they’re not true, since most of them originated online.

We couldn’t enter the school directly due to no enter signs.  Instead, we flew our drone over the site and noticed that it was pretty much falling apart, so there was no reason to enter the place.  The signs were clearly placed there for safety reasons.  They do have local gather ups once a month, where you will join a group to enter the premise together.  However, you can clearly see that it’s pretty dangerous in the video, even with an organized group.

I know this may be a big let down, since there are lot of fans out there who planned to visit the school, but we don’t think it’s worth the visit.  It’s placed directly under a highway, it’s dangerous, and the place is literally half gone.

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