Doll’s Head Trail – Atlanta, GA

This eerie trail is about 1.6 miles and doesn’t stretch very far, but it offer some of the most interesting view of what has been left behind by people before you.  Before you go, make sure you wear long bottoms, because they have poison ivy all over the area.

The trail was originally South River Brick Company.  The company used the site to dig up famous Georgia clay to fire their bricks. It wasn’t long until the company abandoned the site and the pits they left became a man made pond, due to collection of rainwater.  The pond that exists now is called Constitution Lakes.

The area was left abandoned for almost 50 years until 2003, when DeKalb County bought the property and began constructing paved trails and boardwalks around the ponds, thus creating a 125-acre preserve.  The Doll’s Head Trail came to life thanks to a local carpenter named Joel Slaton, who thought making art from discarded doll parts and other trash from the site would entertaining. He encouraged visitors to contribute their own found art, and it’s been collecting there ever since.

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