Old carbonton dam

The demolished dam on Cape Fear River was once a beautiful dam, until it became contaminated, damaging the local ecosystem.  After demolishing the dam, the river returned to its original flow for the first time and is now filled with visitors.  The dam has been broken down, but a tall powerhouse was left standing like a memorial to the former dam.

I’ve heard this story from a cashier at a local shell’s gas station.  The dam originally became contaminated because it was a killer’s favorite spot to throw out pieces of corpses that has been chopped off.  There is this famous ghost named “one arm” which is a severed arm in the water that will pull you into the river to drown you.  There had been multiple ghost sightings at the dam, and some even reported crying sounds during the night.  Even after the dam was demolished, people report that severed limbs walk among the place.

After visiting the place, we can easily conclude that the stories were just made up.  The place has numerous articles and documents that explains why they’ve demolished the place, none of them which includes chopped off body parts.  But it did add some excitement when visiting the place.

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