How can I get more people to visit my YouTube channel?

Around 2007, it was easy to get noticed on YouTube. There wasn’t many users uploading new contents, so one pretty much stood out if he or she uploaded something new. Now, one needs to do a lot more to establish his or her channel as a popular channel.

The traditional concept of posting a video once a week, attract viewers, and get paid from ads doesn’t work anymore. You need to interact more, get into social networking, establish a niche, study your viewers, and advertise in order to build your channel.

Try to share all your videos on social-media, interact with your viewers by responding to his or her comments, and connect with the community interested in your channel. Take extra steps by starting a blog, joining and sharing on a forum, and leaving comments in other similar sites and channels (try to leave funny comments on a popular video if your channel is about comedy). You can even contact other channels to see if they can feature your channels and vice versa. Maybe you can do collaboration with other channels.

When you first establish a channel there are many things to consider. If you are building a comedy channel, don’t upload review videos or vlog videos. Pick a niche and follow through it by uploading what the channel is meant to have. Try not to overload your channel with keywords you don’t need, and study what keywords are mostly used to find your channel or the content itself. Spend more time on things like video description and the content itself more than marketing in the beginning.

Take couple hours a week to study other channels that falls under similar category as your channels. Make sure that you make as good as content as him or her or maybe even better (you have to stand out). See what keywords they use, what descriptions, and what other tools to attract viewers (are they advertising on social media like reddit?). Generate playlists, make your YouTube channel design more attractive, and try recommending other fellow YouTubers.

Next thing to focus on is attention level of your viewers. See how long the viewers stay around to watch your video, or if they even finish the video at all. It’s important to have a good content overall, but it’s even more important to have a good attention grabber in the beginning of the video. Ask questions to your friends and see what they like and don’t like.

It’s important to get other people’s opinion and see how you can improve your channel. Do further research by seeing analytics and going farther and beyond. Spend little money on proper advertisement in the beginning and see how it affects your channel before dumping the rest. There are many ways to make your channel popular, but I think I went over the basics to get you started.

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