France Joins The Sex Doll Brothel Market

Back in 2016 France passed a law that makes prostitution illegal and imposed fines on any caught breaking it, but there’s a pretty simple loophole to easily exploit this law.  Instead of having women, you have sex dolls.
Yes, France has just seen the opening of its first brothel, specializing in sex dolls.  With this, they join the ranks of China, Japan, Germany, U.K, and Spain.

Spain was the first country in Europe to open a brothel named Lumidolls (a play off of the Spanish term form prostitute.) which gained some popularity rather fast.  However, the business was quickly shut down, due to complaints from multiple sources, including Neighbors, local government, and the landlord.

The brothel have been forced out of their location, but they continued their practice in secret elsewhere, and still remained quite popular

France’s brothel named Xdolls also seems to understand the controversial nature of it’s service and is keeping its operation close to the vest. Xdoll’s official website doesn’t list a location for the business unless you purchase
an appointment time €89 (approx. 110$ U.S) for one hour or €149 (approx 185$ U.S) for two hours.

If you are thinking of “who would want to have sex with a dolls thats already been used?”     You’re not the only one.  I mean, come on, let’s be honest.
But according to the owner of the Lovedoll UK brothel – who goes by the name Graham – says, “Seventy per cent of guys aren’t bothered that the dolls have been used before.  The other 30 percent would never touch a used doll.”

So, apparently most customers don’t mind it. It looks like the future envisioned by multiple cyberpunk movies and shows, where brothels are filled with A.I controlled dolls is fast approaching, regardless if you want it or not.

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