Is it a sex robot? Or a Companion?

Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced as well as robotics.  Humanoids or androids are becoming more realistic as they use human skin like rubber.  Combine this with realistic looking eyes, make up, and codes, you will get a robot that will show human like expression and movement, a humanoid/android.  But are these robots for sex?  Or are these robots human companions?  The 48-year-old, CEO of RealDoll, claimed his customers are more interested in companionship than sex.  Same was said by the owner of  realbotix, the creator of harmony.  However, this doesn’t change the fact, that these female and male robots, would be used for sexual purpose.

The big question is not objectifying sex like many other articles cover about sex robots.  It’s far from that.  The big question is, what if these robots become so advanced, that people would prefer robots over humans?  It’s possible that in the future, women and men will coexist, but not cohabitate.  Think about it.  It may not be now, but they’ll be cheaper soon, and will be able to do house chores as well.  They’re already able to have a conversation with you, can be programmed the way you see fit, and search stuff for you on the internet.  Soon, we’ll have male robots that can do all the manual labors and female robots that can handle all the house chores, or both.

People who lost their loved ones and are too old to find another companion will probably buy themselves a robot in the future.  Same goes with males in countries like china, where the male population are larger than that of a female.  But what about the people who have problems like, maintaining a relationship?  What would they do when the time comes?

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