La Scala Buffet Review – Royal Plaza Hotel, Hong Kong

It was actually a coincidence that found myself a hidden gem within the 5 star hotel “Royal Plaza Hotel”.  The hotel was having 20% discount, so I quickly booked it without looking much into it.  When I arrived at my hotel in Hong Kong, I’ve noticed that it was attached to the mall and even had a buffet on the first floor.  The mall is big and nice, but I personally thought the mall products were overpriced.  As for the hotel, the view was nice and the room was huge.


There was a TV in the bedroom, TV in the living room, and a TV in the bathroom.  I didn’t even watch TV, so I thought it was too much for one person.  Besides the hotel and the mall, I think the real find for me was the buffet.  The buffet may seem expensive ($20 dollars for breakfast, $30 dollars for lunch and around $40-$50 dollars for dinner, depending on what specials they have), but I think it was money well spent.  I ate at the buffet for three days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

The buffet was good value for money.  It’s definitely not the typical buffet you would see anywhere else, because they offer mixture of foods from different cultures.  Almost all the seafood they have are fresh.  Great sashimi, crab claws, and broiled crayfish.  They literally shuck an oyster on the spot.  I think the oysters were definitely my favorite.  Freshly shucked Australian Coffin bay oysters.  They have a generous $15 dollar special, where you can have unlimited beer and wine.  It gets more expensive on Friday and Saturday night, but the food is just so worth it.


They also had delicious beef and peking duck for those meat lovers.  Also, the deserts offered the best french or Viennese little cakes.  It’s definitely not Vegas quality food, but all in all, the food was better than most food Hong Kong had to offer.

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