Myeongdong, South Korea’s best street food in Seoul

If you visit Seoul, South Korea, you must try out the street food at Myeongdong.  Myeongdong is not only filled with food stalls during the evening, but it’s also surrounded by department stores, massage spas, and cafes (they got dog and cat cafes, if you are into that.  Cat cafe charged me 7 dollars for the entrance, but it included a drink).

The numerous amount of of food stalls along the key Meyongdong Shopping Street are numerous and is still growing.  When I was there, there was at least 100 stalls.  Most food items cost about 2,000 – 5,000 won ($2.0 to $5.00 USD).  Make sure to bring your own napkins and trash bags.  The trashcan there gets filled up easily and napkins aren’t usually offered.


There are numerous stalls that sells the same food.  Walk around and find the cheapest deal.  Most of the stalls near the subway entrance/exit are expensive.  There are numbers of options to choose from, so you’ll probably get full before you can even try all the food stalls.  However, you must try their lobsters, bugs (bbundaegi), ddokbboggi (hot rice cake), and their ice cream cones.

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