Panty Party Review: For Love, Justice, And Pantsu!


Ever have one of those days where you wake up late for school and rush to the train station, only to hear it’s running late because there are panties on the train track?  And just when you think you’ll make it, you come across a pair of panties who informs you that you’re the warrior of love who fights evil and brings love to all panties? At this point, you’re calling your own sanity into question until you transform into a pair of panties yourself and have to defeat an evil pair of panties known as Panzi, before he brainwashes the world into loving all panties.



So starts the the journey that is “Panty Party” the girls are chosen for their strong love of panties.  These panty party girls transform like that of Sailor Moon.  However, instead of those sailor outfits, they just straight transform into a pair of panties. The main character is named Yurika, who encounters Baka Panty.  Baka panty unlocks her ability and forces her to fight constantly, otherwise she’ll risk being turned into a panty herself.  This isn’t exactly something she exactly enjoys.  Also, if Panzi’s scheme succeeds, she’ll be stuck that way forever.  On her journey she’ll meet Haruka, a girl with an intense love of bear panties. Her panty is called Cool Kuma ,whose intense passion for justice and being cool is matched only by his love for lolis.  She also meets a girl named Rin , a katana wielding girl who loves all panties alike.

The story is told in a visual novel style using text and 2d images.  The story absurd, light-hearted, and fun.  However, the story moves along at a fast pace with total game duration of only 2-3 hours.  This may seem short but its a perfect length for the game.  By the end, you should  feel satisfied.  However, if you want more, there is the arcade mode.

The actual gameplay plays like a third panty action game (see what I did there?  It’s because you play as panties).  Each panty has three abilities and when you deal or receive enough damage, you can enter passion mode.  The passion mode grants you access to status buffs, and all characters come with different attacks.




When you defeat multiple monsters in the arcade mode, it usually features a boss panty to defeat, whom you can unlock to use in other levels.  Not all levels have it and it does require you to complete certain objectives.  The difficulty curve of the game is set pretty well, as there were no levels that seemed overly difficult or too easy.

One of problem about the game is that you’re usually fighting multiple enemies, but most characters move sets are made for one on one combat, so it’s a bit annoying.  Another problem is the camera movement, which is a bit jerky, especially when you’re using a controller.  Lastly, the auto lock-on is a bit too sticky when trying to switch between targets. All in all, none of these really break the game.  It’s something that you’ll learn to live with, once you get used to them.

The game’s light tone, combat, and absurd story are enjoyable, while the dialogue itself will give you some sensible chuckles. Overall Panty Party might have some issues, but it is an enjoyable way to kill some time if you’re looking for something to play.  I’m only giving it a tentative recommendation because, unless you’re in to anime and things of that nature, you won’t find much enjoyment in the game and you will miss some jokes and references.  But if this type of thing, it’s worth a play through if you’re in between games or maybe if you just wanna delight in the sight of panties without all those troublesome girls getting in the way.

Available On: PC

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