Cinebistro at Cary, NC Food review

First and foremost, this is not a theater review.  While I like that the theater is not as crowded and chaotic as regular theaters due to its price, have reserved seats, and have the most amazing reclining seats; food is the main reason I choose to watch my movies at Cinebistro.

Let’s start with the smell of the theater.  Usually, theaters smell like popcorn and junk food, but this place never smells like food.  Even though they serve food constantly, when you enter the theater, it just smells like freshly cleaned hotel room.  Next, I would like to talk about the service of the servers.  The servers at Cinebistro work faster than a 99% of the servers at other restaurants.  They quickly hand you the menu, take your order, deliver your food, take your payment, and get you anything else you need before the start of the movie.  This is why they want you to show up 30 minutes prior to movie start.

As for the price.  Be prepared to spend more money than your regular movie theater. Tickets will cost you $16 a person.  As for the meal and a drink, it will cost you a minimum of $25 a person ($35 or more if you purchase alcoholic beverage instead).  Also, be aware that 18% gratuity is automatically added to your bill.

Food was definitely tasty and worth its price.  You can tell that they cook it with care and focus on small detail for presentation.  They have great unique cocktails and their menus are distinctive as well.  They have mouth-watering options like Waygu Beef Sliders, Crispy Asian Spare Ribs, Pan Seared Salmon, and Shrimp & Grits.

If you want more food during the movie, you can leave the theater and get more drinks and food at a counter in the hall if you want.  However, the amount that give you should be plenty.  Overall, I’m very impressed with the food and the service they provide, and would recommend to friends and family.  The ambiance of the theater and the quality of the food truly makes you feel like you’re on the red carpet.

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