Crafted – The Art of the Taco @ Greensboro, NC

If you happen to visit Greensboro, NC, I recommend eating at this restaurant and visit the infamous thrift store/museum, “elsewhere”.  Let me start of by saying, this is not a traditional Mexican restaurant.  Consider this place a taco joint.  They do serve the traditional Mexican styled tacos, but most of their menus consist of Fusion styled tacos.

This is one of the highest rated restaurants in Greensboro.  It’s also very trendy and open, since it’s next to the university campus.  They have a nice drink menu and serve most of them in a mason jar with straws made of paper.  I personally didn’t like the straw because it tasted like paper.  But, the whole point of the paper straw was for the better of environment.  They may only have a few beers on tap, but the choice they have are pretty unique.

The tacos they serve are truly specialty tacos with some creative and interesting fillings.  You can try seared tuna, pulled pork, and kimchi fusion tacos.  It’s very similar to flying tacos, if you’ve ever ate there before.  Also, if you happen to be vegan, they have plentiful vegetarian and vegan options, such as tofu, black beans, and corn.  My favorite, however, has to be the sweet potato chips side.  The sweet sauce that comes with the sweet potato chips are to die for.  The chips with guacamole is a good side as well, they’re basically baked pita chips.

The best way to get a sample of multiple tacos is to get the Box Truck. This comes with three different tacos, which are the Big Truck (Mac n’ Cheese, Pulled Pork, & Bacon BBQ Sauce), the Oxford (Fried Chicken, Spaghetti Squash Slaw, & Spicy Asian Mustard), and the Bowtie (Beer Battered Fish, Roasted Corn & Poblano Salsa, Sweet Chipotle Aioli, & Honey Mustard).

Do not come in here on Tuesdays, expecting to get $3 tacos.  The price of a two taco combo, that comes with a drink and a side, will cost you around $12 dollars.  It’s not the most expensive tacos, but not the cheapest tacos either.  However, I can guarantee that these tacos don’t taste like traditional tacos at all, so it’ll be a unique experience.

I love the whole vibe of the restaurant.  The bartenders are very friendly and the service is quick.  Locals recommend that you dine in before or after lunch time, because they get packed during lunch hour.  We went for a late lunch and got our food quickly.  We were greeted by our waitress who was super pleasant and made recommendations.  This was a truly a gem in the city of Greensboro.

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