Danchigai Anime VS Manga Review

Danchigai (だんちがい) is a four-panel comedy manga series made by Kazusa Yoneda.  Kazusa Yoneda also wrote  other notable mangas, such as Shimaichigai, Echo-Pun, Little Busters! Noumi Kudryavka, and Akuyaku Ouji wa Koi ga Dekinai.  Danchigai has been serialized in Ichijinsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga 4-Koma Palette since June 2011 and received anime adaption in July 2015.

The story of Danchigai is revolves around Haruki, the only son of the Nakano family.  His mother is overseas, so Haruki has to share an apartment with his four sisters.  It’s a nice comedy/slice of life style series that can go on forever due because Danchigai doesn’t have any kind of “deep” story nor a plot.  It’s just a series about Haruki’s daily lives that we can relate to.

Haruki is the only boy among Nakano siblings and the second oldest.  He attends high school as a first-year student and chose a high school close to home so he can join the go home club and play video games all day.  Your typical male type character, who loves video games and is considerate of females around him.  He may seem like a lazy character, but when it comes to his sisters, he takes matter seriously.

Then we have the oldest among the Nakano siblings, Mutsuki.  The cool older sister with the long black hair who can pretty much do anything.  She has good grades in her school and is popular among her peer; she basically doesn’t have a single flaw in her character.  However, she acts carefree when she is around Haruki.  Not even the other sisters have seen her act careless.  She wants to be a role model for his sisters, so only Haruki and the audience can experience her carelessness.  Her attitude is overall mature and always puts taking care of this family members first.

Then we have the third oldest among the siblings, Yayoi.  She is younger than Haruki by a year, so she is in her third-year of middle school.  Yayoi is naturally a kind girl from heart, however, she is a tsundere bro-con who often has trouble showing affection.  She comes off as being violent towards Haruki, but deep down, she loves her very much.  She is the most athletic among the siblings, but not the brightest.  She often fails her exams and gets tutored by Haruki frequently.

Then we have the twin siblings, who are incredible cute.  These two pair is quite the combination and stirs up quite the trouble.  However, the twins are truly a unique and a cheerful combo, you wouldn’t find in other anime and manga.  We have Uzuki, one of the twin sisters.  She is more feminine, active and outgoing than the other twin sister.  She likes to tease and play pranks on Haruki, but that’s because she’s lonely when the other sisters are too busy to play with her.  She is a third-year elementary school student, but is one of the brightest of the siblings.

Lastly, we have Satsuki, the shy one among the younger twin sisters.  She is similar to Haruki in that she likes watching anime and reading manga.  She has habit of following Uzuki around and repeating and copying what Uzuki says and do.  Without her, she is just a shy little girl.

Now let’s do Anime VS Manga, and see which is the better one to partake it.  As for the manga, the series is still ongoing, but the anime ended in 2015 with 12 episodes + 1 OVA.  It’s not surprising, really.  The anime was just that bad, compared to the manga.  The animation series is quite short, it’s under 5 minutes per episode, which was one of the main reason anime fans didn’t get to into it.  The anime doesn’t have opening music, but, it does have ending theme, which is actually quite catchy.

Starting with the art, there isn’t that much difference.  Manga’s art is top notch and so is the animation series.  However, the animation is ruined due to the execution of the script.  We have super famous voice actors like abe atsushi, akesaka satomi, komatsu mikako, tokui sora, and horino sayaka, but it’s all ruined because it’s missing the dynamics the manga have.  In the manga, characters seem more alive due their exaggerated facial expressions.  In the anime, all those dynamics are gone.  The characters in the anime series seems extremely dull compared to the characters in the manga, and doesn’t show the chemistry that exists within the manga between the characters.  Imagine watching Gintama without all the over exaggerated expression.

Then we have the flow of the story line.  As I’ve stated before, there really is no plot in the series.  However, each episode still needs a nice flow.  The manga does an amazing job, exhibiting the story of a daily life of Haruki, in just 4 panels.  We got a beginning, the middle, and the end.  The anime?  They do a horrible job.  They try to rush the series due to time constraint and took out many lines from the manga that are important to explaining the story.  This caused the story line to be confusing and made it seem like it’s all over the place.

I’d definitely recommend the manga, but as for the anime, i wouldn’t bring it up.  This will need to be a 24 minutes per episode series, before I even consider recommending it to anyone.  However, if you are looking for some slice of life manga, it’s definitely a must read.  A slice of life styled manga series featuring Haruki and his sisters as they don’t give him a single opportunity to rest and play his games.  It’s like a real life story about a boy, except you have sisters 24/7 instead of mom and dad.  A fun and enjoyable manga series to read.

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